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UN-DAUN-TED: Not Discouraged or disheartened; resolutely courageous


The history of Stedmz goes back a long way to 1978 when Steve Steadham stepped onto his very first skateboard, a plastic banana board. During this time, he honed his skills at the legendary High Roller Skatepark in Phoenix and the various spillways in and around his hometown with fellow shredders Eddie Williams, Joe Calzon and Pineapple.

Steve Steadham has been skating and playing music for well over three decades, and has done some other extraordinary things as well such as, organizing and producing ESPN's Legends Of Vert for the channel's X Games and The Masters of Vert & Street for the Maloof Money Cups.

Now, with the launch of Stedmz, this company will venture into a bold new future.

  • Founded in 2000
  • Footwear
  • Modern skate shoes, Urban Style High Tops, Low tops, Mid tops,
    Hip Hop Flavor.

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