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UN-DAUN-TED: Not Discouraged or disheartened; resolutely courageous

Un·daunt·ed ( n-dôn t d, -dän -). adj. Not discouraged or disheartened; resolutely courageous.

"This is the country where I am raising my family. This is the country my ancestors fought for so I could do so. My heart is in America, and home is where the heart is." Undaunted Apparel is a patriotic apparel company that loves everything American. Our Founder Corey started the company in 2012 with two major goals; to give back to the country and community that he loves dearly, as well as create a brand that would be accessible to the whole family. To that end, Undaunted Apparel has worked with Veterans, Animal organizations, and children's charities across Las Vegas Nevada. Undaunted Apparel is also a supporter of Americas Motorsports, Motocross, and off-road racing. You can feel these passions come through in all of our designs and work. It's a labor of love and honor. The Undaunted Apparel family has grown since it's inception and continues to strive to be the official apparel brand of American families. Join us and WEAR WHAT MATTERS.


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